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Diploma objectives

This Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing has been designed by of WSI experts to develop the skills of trainees at the highest level

Localization and remote employment

The diploma aims to support the state’s strong decision to localize the private sector and the remote work program and to open the door for young people to get the best job opportunities

Help companies to improve team skills

Supporting the needs of the market with national cadres fluent in the local language (Arabic), trained professionally qualified in the field of digital marketing, social media, and eCommerce

Supporting entrepreneurs

Qualifying young entrepruner with the knowledge and skills that help them advance their business and to plan most appropriate marketing tools to increase their sales and grow their projects

Distinctive job opportunities for Saudis

Enabling young fresh graduate to obtain distinctive job opportunities with good income in one of the most in-demand field during the digital transformation taking place in the Kingdom through Vision 2030

Sr. Consultant and Trainer

Emad Ashram

An international trainer and lecturer specializing in digital marketing techniques since 2010, he has trained more than 5,000 people in the Kingdom, UAE, Kuwait and America

More than 27 years of experience in the field of information technology, marketing and the Internet

  • Founder and General Manager WSI in Saudi Arabia
  • Founder & CEO of Digital AWWSS Information Technologies Co.
  • Member of the National Communication and IT Committee in Saudi Chamber
  • Member of the Marketing, and Advertising Committee in Jeddah Chamber (6 years)
  • Worked at Aramco, Saudia Airlines, Arabian Food Supplies 19 year
  • In 1999, Founded first advertising agency that produced free and high-quality printed advertising maps for 14 cities in the Kingdom

Diploma Content

Online Digital Advertising

Learn how online digital advertising  work on Google Ads and social Media networks.


Learn how to establish an online store and the tasks and tasks that you must do to reach the best sales

Search Engine Markrting

Learn the art of being found when potential customers are searching for your products and services on Google


Learn how to set up and build an interactive website 👈 like this one based on the WSI switching architecture


Learn about mobile marketing. How it works ? How to use it to promote your products and services?  how build mobile App with PWA 

Social Media Management

What are the tools and foundations of social media management? content publishing, monitoring, reporting, and analytics.

Digital content preparation

What are the ten steps to creating great, rich, attractive content to attract potential customers and converting them into buyers.

Buyer persona Development

Know how to analyze your customers’ persona,  how to find them on the Internet, what attract them and convert them to buyers

Graduation Project

The graduation project consists of preparing a 3-month digital marketing plan under the supervision of the trainer

Preparing the digital plan

Professionalizing the digital marketing plan saves you hundreds of thousands of wasted riyals and even intensifies employing it in a profitable way … No surprises ..

Data analysis and performance measurement

What do you analyze and how do you measure .. The sea of ​​digital marketing is deep and it is easy for you to get lost in its people if you do not know the returns from your investments will be analyzed.

Email campaign

Learn how to benefit from email marketing and how to benefit from 85% of the wasted digital marketing budget

Acquired skills

Through your interaction with the application program you will learn wonderful skills, including

Comprehensive practical training

Application at every stage to master digital marketing skills and knowledge of all marketing tools

Sales and spread mechanisms

Knowing the mechanism of online marketing to increase sales rates, speed of spread and marketing

Online advertising

Establishing and publishing ads on the Internet to reach millions of target customers

Strategic Planning

Skills of building a plan and strategies for digital marketing and social communication

Sales and spread mechanisms

Knowing the mechanism of online marketing to increase sales rates, speed of spread and marketing

Diploma features

The programs are prepared by a group of “WSI” consultants around the world, and here are some unique features for participants in our courses.

Certified certificates

Upon completion of the program, the trainee is ready to enter the labor market with an approved certificate and has the ability to develop plans and manage digital marketing and social media campaigns – for participants in the diploma

WSI Certificates of Excellence

Participants in the diploma obtain a certificate of excellence through distinguished participation while maintaining attendance, interaction and the completion of the graduation project in an outstanding 

Join the WSI expert group

A subscription to a group of more than 185 WSE experts to exchange experiences and opinions, request assistance from members and learn about opportunities in the field of marketing ..
– Only for diploma subscribers

WSI Partner Program

Diploma participants can apply to join the WSI Marketing Partner program, which provides the opportunity for diploma graduates to work in the field of marketing directly. 

What did they say about the diploma?


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All companies in the Kingdom are without exception .. They are looking for qualified employees who are able in the field of digital marketing and social media ,,, good income and growing very quickly .. Within “5 weeks” you will learn skills and abilities that will change the pattern and style of your thinking in planning and marketing. The eyes of all hiring managers and your heads, register now .. and professionalize the fields of digital marketing and take advantage of the existing job opportunities

Be the manager of yourself… If you are looking for a field of work that provides you with a very good income and you appreciate the development of yourself quickly and the opportunities are available ,,, think in the field of digital marketing and social communication, a field suitable for the technology generation and needed by all companies in the Kingdom without exception .. it is possible .. You work remotely or from your home or while you are traveling … wherever you are!

It is also possible to manage several accounts, work yourself independently and establish your own business … !! Not only that … you are also enjoying your time as much as you like!

Register now .. and start professional in the fields of digital marketing ..

Beginners in the field of entrepreneurship face a problem that always recurs …

Neglecting marketing planning while planning their projects due to lack of marketing knowledge

This program will help you master the appropriate digital marketing and social media tools with your project, which helps you to bring sales opportunities, know your customers and communicate with them professionally

Register now … and market your small project professionally, save money and grow your sales. 

From our experience in the global WSI company, 98% of companies suffer from an understanding of digital marketing and its tools and how to choose the appropriate marketing agency. Big sums. Then, they resort to employing one or two people to do marketing work and save some money, and for the same previous reasons, and for the lack of knowledge of the secrets of this field, unqualified people are employed and the ball returns a third time.

Therefore, the best solution is to join marketing officials with this program to find out how to prepare the plan and the appropriate digital marketing team to implement it ..

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